a potent, effective product is the only one that we will put our name behind.

Hempzilla® was featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland* where we discussed how our transparency and purity have made us an industry leader for the last five years.

High Potency. American Grown.

Hempzilla® is the leader in 100% pure, American-grown hemp because we are committed to every part of the process, never cutting corners to cut costs. Our hemp is ethically matured, harvested, and trimmed without the use of pesticides or GMOs to ensure purity and potency. We work directly with organic sustainable farmers, and our labs are right in the USA, which give us a distinct advantage and allows us to control every aspect of how our products are made, unlike most of the rest of the industry.
Our hemp is extracted utilizing a CO2 extraction process — a time-consuming method that produces far less yield than the standard ether, propane, and butane extraction processes. But it is the cleanest method that excludes heavy metals and impurities that the other extraction methods leave behind. The result of our commitment is an exquisite, potent product. No need to take our word for it...the proof is in the purity.


Hempzilla® was the first brand in the industry to have FDA-registered GMP certifications, use organic practices, and build sophisticated ISO-certified, pharmaceutical-grade formulation and extraction labs. We’re also one of the few companies that have a full-time PhD biochemist on staff to oversee all testing and ensure that our products are free of micro-bacteria. View our lab reports.

We Never Use Isolates

Hempzilla® products are far superior to isolate products because your body can actually absorb them. Clinical research has proven that isolates alone do not reach your receptors easily, resulting in minimal, if any, effects. On the other hand, Hempzilla's non-isolates are able to reach your receptors and open the necessary pathways in order to achieve the full benefits of hemp.
Hempzilla® is the way that nature intended hemp to be...pure and effective. So why do companies use isolates if they don't work?
Most companies use isolates for three reasons:
1. Isolates are significantly cheaper and are more abundant, producing higher yields at a lower cost.
2. Isolates are an easy product to work into secondary products like edibles. Most companies are seeking to achieve a quick profit, so they don’t spend the critical time, money, research, or development necessary to make an effective and safe product.
3. Isolates are conveniently tasteless and are therefore easier to introduce to artificial flavoring.


An important question many wholesalers don’t ask is: “What is the potency level of your base product?” Many companies that sell hemp, including some of the biggest manufacturers in the market, tend to use a low-potency (20%-25%) raw material to save money on their bottom line.
At Hempzilla®, we never cut corners to cut costs because we know that the more high-grade, raw hemp you use, the more benefits you will pass on to your customers. 75%-85% potency is the “sweet spot” because it brings the highest potency possible without losing any of the quality.


There are several types of extraction methods to choose from, such as CO2, ethanol, butane, propane, and ether. From all of these options, CO2 is by far the cleanest extraction method. Even though it yields a far less finished product and is much slower than some of the alternative methods, we choose to use the CO2 extraction process because it produces an impeccably pure product, while the alternatives leave behind heavy metals and a host of impurities that can be harmful and unhealthy.

Most companies strip away all of the molecules in a harsh process called “isolation or isolate,” which takes most of the medicinal qualities with it, resulting in little to no beneficial effects.

While it may be a much cheaper way to do things, it is simply not the right way. That’s why many first time hemp users that buy these cheaper products complain that they didn’t work. There have been countless experiences of individuals who didn't think hemp worked the first time around, but then tried Hempzilla® products and were shocked at the difference.

Milligram strength

Bigger is not necessarily better. According to research from leading authorities in Israel, our CB receptors cannot absorb more than 25 milligrams of hemp at a time. Anything more than that is wasted in the digestive system. Although some companies boast 5,000mg and sometimes more, they are using a low-quality isolate product that cannot deliver on its promises. Since isolate is so much cheaper than Broad-Spectrum, manufacturers can continue to increase milligram strengths without pricing themselves out of the market. Our products are potent in strength with the necessary purity and quality needed to deliver on every promise.

What Else is in The Bottle?

While understanding what raw products are best, it is equally important to evaluate the supporting ingredients. Every ingredient on the label contributes to the final healthfulness of the product. We have carefully chosen each and every ingredient in our products and use the highest quality supplier to bring the most beneficial, exceptional hemp products to the market.
We take pride in every single product that carries the Hempzilla® name.

Import vs. domestic

For imported hemp products to be in the U.S. market, they are required to use stalk and stem extractions only. The stalks and stems of the plant have few benefits in them, as they are primarily concentrated in other parts of the plant.
Since the Farm Bill Act of 2014 was signed into law, U.S. farmers went to work cultivating high-yielding plants. This higher quality product, even though more expensive, has gained significant market share and is considered a premier product of choice.

made in the USA

Our products are all American-made and our hemp is grown, harvested, and extracted organically and ethically before it is manufactured in our ISO-6000 compliant labs. We are committed to maintaining sustainable farming methods, hoping to reduce our impact on the land and are very mindful of the future generations that will follow us. We are a part of both the sustainable agriculture revolution and the hemp revolution.

*Aired on March 11, 2021 at 7:30AM ET/PT as sponsored content

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